MGEAR.IO is a unique brand born in an artisan shop that allow owners to configure their own everyday gear using a vast selection of styles, texture, pattern, EDC gadgets, survival tools, tracking capability and other expandable features.

MGear's flagship product is their tactical slim wallets, the slimmest, coolest, most functional wallet in the EDC market where you can choose from a wide range of designs and personalization.


Holod3ck is a portable full body 3D scanning solution that takes a full 360 degree digital scan of a person in ¼ of a second. From scanning to 3D printing, Holod3ck offers a full service solution to help you create your own high resolution full color digital avatar or 3D figurine

The North Fabtory

The North Fabtory is an innovative digital fabrication factory and product incubator specialized in the distribution of additive manufacturing equipment and supplies, rapid prototyping services, 3D scanning and 3D design consultation.

A community partner and solution provider for on demand innovation using digital manufacturing technology.


MzECO Homes

MzECO Homes is a service oriented manufacturing company that offers a wide range of solution for Residential Home Building and Commercial Construction projects offering design, engineering, manufacturing, project management and inspection services.

Fine Line International

Fine Line provides mechanical, electrical and logistics automation design services both in 2D or 3D environments.

Services includes consulting, engineering, building modeling, and drafting design hub providing continues integrated innovations for the growing market under one shop.

3Di Construct

3Di Construct is currently developing modular fabrication station solutions designing and upcycling shipping containers into Tech hubs such as maker spaces and VR Rooms.

Optimizes the layout and configures them with the lowest possible floor space The system is fully assembled, networked and wired, ready to plug and play.


A sustainability company with a mission to bring environmental sustainability in the 3D printing and maker community. Turning waste material into  unique sustainable products like the 3Stem’s Desk Pods.

3Stem Deskpods are creatively designed self-watering planters that add a touch of life to any space. Each Deskpods are crafted from reclaimed wood, recycled plastics, 3D printed filaments and used beer or wine bottles , materials from sustainable making community


i-COPLAY is an interactive platform on mobile and tablet devices for remote parents to easily create and add personalized messages on music, stories and games  they co developed for their child.

A new creative way for parents to connect with their children through Personalized Digital Media

Misha Mundi

Misha’s Mundi strives to deliver the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world, while taking care of the animals who help process our coffee. What gives our coffee character is the added process where organic Peruvian coffee cherries are first digested by a Coati

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Mamu's Farm

A dream born out of passion, love and desire to continue  great farming legacy, Our Mamu's farms mission is to lead and establish a lasting  agricultural industry  that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable to the local community through innovation in the farming industry.

Mamu's Farm