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3RIUS Design Innovation Lab

3Rius started as a vision to be a catalyst of innovation on environmental sustainability. We began as a small think tank group of Innovator, Problem Solvers, and Solution Providers seeking to develop new products and ecosystems that foster research and development of renewable technologies and strategies with a long term economic, environmental and social impact to the global community.

Our early research projects where related to urban farming, vertical & modular gardens, wastewater management, electronic and plastic waste recycling, re purposing of shipping containers, greenhouse gas reduction initiatives and implementation of renewable resources (Geothermal, Solar & Wind energy).

From an R&D team we’ve began to form a technical design studio focused on supporting clients from various industries we are involved in project design in areas of Architecture, Building construction, HVAC systems, Fire Systems, Security Systems, Lighting, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Systems, Building Controls & Medical transportation systems.

Our Vision

Our vision for 3RIUS remains the same until today, to operate as a place of creativity, to continue as an innovation lab, as well as a design and a research partner for new technologies, products and projects related to advance digital technology, environmental sustainability, and creating social impact to our community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to disrupt the norm. Bring innovative approach not just in the solutions and products we offer but also on how we make a meaningful impact to our community and to our planet.

Our Services

We offer Design Services to professional companies and construction trades, specializing in Architecture, Building Construction, Controls, Mechanical, Electrical, Medical and Transportation Systems .

We also assist all levels of customers from idea to product launch using systematic processes that are suited to the needs of the client with practical approach to the type of product, scale, budget and time required to launch to market.

Our Innovation lab

As our capabilities grew and as well as our passion for innovation we’ve started focusing and extending our resources to startup entrepreneurs, product developers, creative makers and inventors to turn their concepts and ideas into products and solutions. Offering tailored design services, prototyping solutions, product engineering, product manufacturing & product development support.

Located at our head office, our Innovation lab not only supports us on many of our project initiatives but are also home to a number of startups that we support in various stages of growth, helping them to scale up into meaningful companies by offering various resources, access to funding, training, collaboration, office and production space, design programs and manufacturing tools.